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What is ESG investing?

If you have not heard of ESG yet, then I am quite sure you will do. As the human species becomes more aware of what damage we are doing to

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Where you are going?

Imagine if I asked you the following question: “I am going on holiday next month, should I take the car, a train, a ferry or a plane?” What would you

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We are on our own, or are we?

There was once a time when thinking of planning for retirement did not take much effort. This was when final salary pensions and jobs for life were considered the norm.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Blackdown Financial update – 11th May 2020

Based on ongoing government advice, we at Blackdown Financial continue to work remotely for the present.

We continue to offer all clients a full and seamless financial and mortgage service.

Video conferencing has replaced all face to face meetings, which has proven to be a successful and safe alternative means of communication.

We welcome all new enquiries on a free of charge no obligation initial meeting.

Please feel free to contact us on our main number 01823 321616 or email to discuss your financial or mortgage needs.