What we value most in Neil as our financial adviser is his ability to understand what we are seeking in retirement and to explain the different options, and their impact in real time during a meeting. He is thorough and assiduous in delivering what is an excellent service. He is very good at asking incisive questions and has a wealth of experience and data that informs his advice. Lastly, not once have we felt "sold to" which inspires confidence in the advice.
David was supportive throughout - he gave excellent advice and was quick to respond whenever I had a query. I am confident in the mortgage we have and it has given me a great insight into the many benefits of a mortgage broker versus going it alone. For a first time buyer the mortgage process is incredibly complex, and it's difficult to find trustworthy information, but for anyone without the time or passion to spend a bulk of their lives evaluating and applying for mortgages, I think a broker is an excellent idea.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Quality of Advice: 5 out of 5

Quality of Service: 5 out of 5

Value for Money: 5 out of 5

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser? I had a frozen pension and wanted it looked after, plus I had smaller pension pots that needed to merge.

How did Simon Cutler help you? Clear advice, helpful, patient and knowledgeable

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes, there has been a great increase in my pension pot

What could they have done better? Nothing


Just wanted to thank you Emma personally yet again for your work , dedication and humility . A real credit to not only your company but your family for sure .

I have used the services of Neil Rossiter for a number of years. He has provided clear and sound information and advice on a variety of issues relating to financial management. He is an excellent communicator, who utilises new technology in a most effective way. Ever since the first lockdown he has provided regular updates on how developments in the economy impinge on personal finances. If I have had any queries Neil has responded quickly. He has also offered valuable guidance on taxation matters. The face to face meetings I have had with Neil have enabled me to make better sense of my personal finances and to make appropriate decisions. To sum up, my experience so far with Blackdown Financial has been a positive one and has certainly enhanced my financial position.
I am a pensioner and when I first saw Neil I was extremely worried about how to keep my savings safe but also have a good return from my investments.  Neil was very kind and explained everything in detail to me for the best way to go forward with my money. I have now been with him for three years and my portfolio has grown and I feel confident with all the advice he has given and the investments that he has done for me, I know that if I have any worries I can contact him and he will always get back to me immediately, I now feel confident with my investments and all the advice that Neil has given me and I am enjoying my retirement. I am extremely satisfied with everything Neil has done.
Simon is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of financial planning and is always happy to explain things further if his clients are unsure. He is professional in every aspect, from his face-to-face contact to completion of paperwork and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I would have every confidence in placing any of my financial business with him. Simon takes the time to get to know clients and then provides suitable advice. I am very happy to have Simon guiding me through the world of financial issues and would happily recommend him.
Vouched For
Simon, is so easy to talk with and he ensures you understand completely his suggestions to help you create more wealth! I bought my buy to let property without stress and i can honestly say that was down to Simon's advice, help, support and knowledge. I could not recommend Simon highly enough.
Many thanks to David Blair and all at Blackdown Financial for their inventive and pro-active assistance in a recent tricky transaction. With David Blair the ball is kept FIRMLY in the air, Thank you!
Gibbins Richards Estate Agents, Wellington
We have been clients of Blackdown Financial for over 20 years.  During that time we have found them always approachable and willing to take the time to understand our situation, viewpoint on risk and what we were looking to do for short, medium and long term financial planning.  They have then advised us on appropriate decisions and investments.  This advice always appears well considered and accurate, and we have generally followed it on that basis, almost always with good results (so far!). The feedback and ideas presented by Blackdown always have some relevance to our situation.  If we are uncomfortable with some or feel them too risky they have never pushed them hard at us so decisions on which direction/proposals to follow always feel well suited to us. At times some of the advice given by Blackdown is clearly not going to benefit them in the short-medium term which has led us to build a better level of trust in them.   We hope to continue using Blackdown over the next 10-15 years as we continue to plan towards retirement.
Euan and Jane
My wife and I were 1st time buyers. David and his colleagues removed a lot of stress and provided much needed experience to the process. He was able to provide insight and advice for all areas of house buying, and we often used him as a sounding board. David was always honest with regards to his fees/commission and also not afraid to dissuade us from ideas that he didn't believe were the best option - although we never felt pressurised or subject to a hard sell. David was able to find mortgage deals that we were not, with better rates, and explain the pros and cons of each option. He was always careful to make sure we understood what he was telling us, without using blinding us with numbers and technical language. David also ensured that we were able to afford the options in the long term, exploring potential changes to income and circumstances that would affect us. When we had submitted the paperwork for the mortgage and subsequent life insurance/income protection, David and his team were invaluable for chasing the other parties, solving issues (of which there were quite a few!) and generally took a large portion of stress away from us. I would thoroughly recommend using David and his company.

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