Marriage and the big questions…

Our offices overlook the entrance to the Registry Office at the Old Municipal Buildings in Taunton. We regularly have the privilege of seeing smiling couples emerge from the building having entered into a life-long commitment together. No celebration is ever the same. Yet what strikes me, every time, is the level of thought given to ensuring the event meets each couple’s expectations. Observing through my financial planning window, I do wonder will they ensure their financial future benefits from the same degree of focus and attention to detail?

A marriage or civil partnership is a union of two individuals, and, in most cases, this also means the forging of two financial futures. At this stage you have already answered the big question, but do you know the answers to other key life changing questions? Have you explored what financial security means to you both? Do you know what you want your financial futures to look like? How might you look after each other in sickness and in health? Do you hope to retire before state pension age? How do you plan to achieve your goals?

We work with individuals, couples and families, over the long-term, to establish and clarify their goals. We monitor, review and adapt their plans every year as life throws challenges and places choices in their paths. We are also available, as often as required, to act as an impartial coach when issues arise. Becoming a spouse or a civil partner brings with it potential inheritance and income tax benefits and we can advise you on these advantages as we move towards your unique set of wants and needs.

Unlike a wedding, financial planning isn’t a once in a lifetime event, but you do have just one life to plan.

Melissa Catton DipPFS

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