Investment Philosophy

There is no definitive right or wrong way to invest as by definition the future is unknowable.

At Blackdown Financial we have a clear investment philosophy which guides us in the construction of the portfolios for our clients. This philosophy is backed by decades of academic research and is reviewed regularly by our investment committee.

There are four principles to our philosophy:

1) Markets are broadly efficient (trying to beat the market consistently after costs is difficult) 
2) Fund management costs matter (a lot)
3) Diversification is key (eggs in basket)
4) Risk and return are related (higher expected returns = higher expected risk)

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Neil Rossiter

Chartered Financial Planner

"I inherited a substantial sum of money and needed some advice as to how to make the most of it. Simon was very friendly and down to earth, simplifying the monetary jargon so that I could understand exactly what was going on and therefore make an informed decision. Simon was a wonderful advisor, who answered all of my questions (no matter how silly) and made me feel in control of my finances again. He is always available to answer any queries and I would highly recommend him to anyone."



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