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Mutual Fund Performance

At Blackdown Financial one of the key elements of our Investment Philosophy is that we believe it is very hard to consistently outperform the markets after costs. Each year Dimensional

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The Uncommon Average

In the financial plans that we build with our clients many assumptions are used. One of the most important being the investment return you may receive. We use an average return

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Human & Financial Capital

When we talk about capital, in our experience most people automatically think of money – this is correct but it is only one form of capital. There are other equally

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Meet the Business with Word Gets Around networking

Word Gets Around video chat with Simon Cutler – Blackdown Financial. Visit – The Coronavirus has changed how people feel about the future. It has given some time to step

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Whiskey & Water

For many years, we have used a whiskey/water metaphor to explain the elements of an investment portfolio. Whiskey is the “growth” element and Water the “defensive”. In our portfolios the

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When is a loss not a loss?

Recently we have heard a lot of commentary about how much people have lost on their investments due to the fall in investment markets because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Have

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Blackdown Financial update – 11th May 2020

Based on ongoing government advice, we at Blackdown Financial continue to work remotely for the present.

We continue to offer all clients a full and seamless financial and mortgage service.

Video conferencing has replaced all face to face meetings, which has proven to be a successful and safe alternative means of communication.

We welcome all new enquiries on a free of charge no obligation initial meeting.

Please feel free to contact us on our main number 01823 321616 or email to discuss your financial or mortgage needs.