Financial Forecasting

We want our clients to have confidence about their future and financial forecasting helps to deliver this.

Creating a financial masterplan helps to see what the future might look like. We take the current situation and make assumptions/guesses (they are the absolute best professional guesses we can make) in areas such as longevity, inflation, investments returns, tax rates, etc and see what the future might look like.  If this does not provide the lifestyle our clients want we come back to the present, make changes (for example, saving more or stopping work earlier) and then see what this revised future looks like.

We are rehearsing the future and in the same way that a pilot knows that the flight plan will need correcting (no one can predict the weather with 100% accuracy), it is critical that the plan is reviewed frequently.  At each review new information (i.e. the real world changes) is incorporated into the plan and it is adjusted and “course corrected”.  We have a taken a year of assumptions and replaced these with a year of reality.

We are not committed to the assumptions but to the on-going process of reviewing them to keep our clients on course for the lifestyle they want. This helps our clients make important decisions in the face of huge uncertainty.

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Neil Rossiter

Chartered Financial Planner

"I inherited a substantial sum of money and needed some advice as to how to make the most of it. Simon was very friendly and down to earth, simplifying the monetary jargon so that I could understand exactly what was going on and therefore make an informed decision. Simon was a wonderful advisor, who answered all of my questions (no matter how silly) and made me feel in control of my finances again. He is always available to answer any queries and I would highly recommend him to anyone."



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