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Word Gets Around video chat with Simon Cutler – Blackdown Financial.

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The Coronavirus has changed how people feel about the future. It has given some time to step back and think about what is really important. This may be thinking about your finances in detail, retirement plans, or making some changes to help your family.

We discuss its impact on the financial markets and how what is happening right now will affect our future. One thing is sure, all businesses need to adapt to futureproof their business growth.

Blackdown Financial wants their clients to be financially independent, to be able to enjoy life, to pursue goals and dreams, safe and secure in the knowledge they have someone to turn to and rely on. This is what drives them to be the best they can be. They are very proud to be Independent Financial Advisers and for them, independence is not just a word it is a state of mind.

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In these series of short videos, we chat with Somerset business owners to find out what they do, how they do it, and more importantly, why they do it. Informal chats are recorded via Zoom and offer a chance to share tips, information, and advice.

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