Time, Christmas and plans for the future

With festive season upon us, many of us, myself included, turn our thoughts towards the time we will spend with family and friends as opposed to more day to day matters such as our money or financial planning. The irony that at this time many of us will be spending far more than usual is not lost on me!

This time of year can also give us time to reflect on what is truly important to us and what we would like to achieve either personally, professionally or perhaps both. The New Year’s resolution is the ultimate example of looking to start afresh.

Successful financial planning helps to achieve balance between short, medium and long term goals and the competing forces of planning for tomorrow but enjoying ourselves today. Most of us have a scarcity of resources with our desires outweighing the money we have to try and achieve them – I would think we all want an enjoyable lifestyle now AND in future – is it possible to achieve both?

Time is our most precious commodity and yet often the one we give least regard to. If we can use our money and plan well to help us achieve more time to spend with our families, pursue hobbies/ interests or just not have to go to work as much then this must be a good outcome. Yet in reality many of us do not do this, perhaps by not knowing where to look to find help. This is where the financial planning community of which I am proud to be a member really adds value.

Few things in life worth having happen by chance so why not make a resolution for next year to list your objectives and build a plan to achieve them – this could either be with a planner or on your own. The feeling of satisfaction when you achieve these will be great I am sure.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

Warm Regards


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