The Importance of Peace of Mind

Last Autumn I undertook a Lands End to John O’Groats Charity cycle ride with my fellow members of the Taunton Round Table. As a keen cyclist, I found the event enjoyable but towards the end of the ride started to get mild pain in my knee, which I managed with Ibuprofen.

About two weeks after the ride I took part in a Charity Golf Day and the day after this my knee swelled up. It would appear whatever damage I have done on the ride was tipped over the edge with the twisting playing golf.

I took the approach of assuming my knee would get better on its own so did nothing for a time, it did not so I resorted to Plan B which was taking more ibuprofen, stretching, elevating and using an ice pack – the swelling reduced but I could still not bend my knee.

When this did not work I then went to see a physiotherapist as I was concerned about the long term damage I had done (I even made the classic mistake of using the internet to check my symptoms with one conclusion being I would need key hole surgery!). All this time I was not able to cycle and was very frustrated.

After 30 minutes with the physiotherapist I was informed there was nothing wrong with my knee, I was creating the problem by favouring my knee, and thinking there was an issue. Within minutes he had me bending my knee – I was taken aback. Within a week I was back on my bike!

The point of this story is that once I knew there was not a problem I could dismiss worrying thoughts about it, get on with my day and things got better.
In my professional capacity I have met with many people who have worried for some time over something (often a pension related matter) and have tried to decipher the problem using the internet. When the answer is not forthcoming they took advice and often the situation is not as dire as they thought.

In my experience, this knowledge can reduce the “background worrying static” we may carry in our heads. This in turn can create a quieter mind and a more relaxed day-to-day experience (I should have listened to my wife and taken professional advice on my knee from the start!).

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