Is being busy always a good thing?

This week I came across a series of short podcasts by Carl Richards who is the author of one of my favourite investment related books, The Behavior Gap (the “u” is missing as it is an American book). Carl is famous for his simple sketches to explain sometimes complex concepts.

His latest podcast questioned whether being busy is always a good thing. I smiled when he talked about how often we ask others if they are “keeping busy” and if asked this ourselves we feel compelled to say “Yes”, as if not being busy would be a bad thing.

Is this a societal issue that not being busy is negative, perhaps.

For me there is a distinction between being productive and being busy. It is important to establish we want/need to do and then plan how to achieve this but being busy for busy sake serves no real purpose. Better to just “be” for a time and enjoy the moment as life is not a rehearsal.

Click Here for  the podcast:

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